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 when you check out the various pages on this website and scroll through the info contained in them...particularly the 'About' page... you'll become aware that the...  

                  WOMEN'S BUSINESS Textile Arts Centre more than just a school for farming women. Its an ambitious plan to not only help lift a small group of people out of poverty, but also to play a part in the empowerment of women by boosting their status in society.


   The 'Previous Projects' page should put the school project into a present day context, while the 'About Laos' page... if you're up to it,...presents a pocket overview of the history, geography, politics and the economy, as well as some details of transportation in the country, health, education, religion and ethnic minorities.

   Also, under the 'About' page you'll find a 'Gallery' of relevant photos and links to the various 'Videos'. The 'News / Blog' page will be updated regularly (at least once a month)

   And... importantly, our 'Online Store' is a step towards creating a means of earning an income for the women who are involved in the Centre and those who have already graduated since it opened in 2018. We're hoping that some of the beautiful creations the women have produced will strike a chord and persuade you to not only acquire a piece of textile artistry, but support  a worthwhile cause.

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