How you can help...

The best way to help…well, that we know of so far… is to donate some money to the project. And the best thing to take on board about this project is that there are practically no administration costs. That is…money donated here in Australia goes straight into the project via the original Fund account set up for previous projects. 


The Fund bank account, in Australia, opened in 2012, is part of an Unincorporated Charitable Authority…

                         The Road To NaLin Fund    (CFN 21888)...

 registered with the NSW Department of Fair Trading. 

Transfer of funds from the account here to a bank account in Luang Prabang, Laos, requires the signatures of two of the three (unrelated) members of the committee set up in Australia for the organization. Funds must be converted to US dollars first (a big disadvantage at present because of the unfavorable exchange rate) and then to Lao kip. We can’t transfer kip directly.


The account in Laos is accessed by two people: Committee member Iain Finlay and Chanthy Sisombuth, who is the Lao Project Manager for the Women’s Business Project and has been, for seven years, an absolutely crucial and essential element in every project the Fund has been involved in.


The two organizing principals of the projects, Iain and Trish, take no payment for their work and pay their own airfares back and forth to Laos, with general transport and project-related expenses within Laos, paid from the Lao account.


So your donation to the Fund is not diluted by any major administration costs.

Donations can be made as a direct deposit into the charitable

fund's Australian bank account (Commonwealth Bank...below)    

                Please quote invoice number or name.                  


NSW, 2484


ACCOUNT NAME:        The Road To NaLin Fund 

BSB No:                         062-580

Account Number:        1029-7109


Swift code for donors

   Outside Australia:     CTBAAU2S

OR... the same account using a credit card, via the  'PayPal' payment process... click here:


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