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          We Choose a Handmade World

The garments, embroidered and woven apparel and accessories shown        here are all hand-made one-off creations coming from the 

                 Women’s Business Textile Arts Centre

established in 2018 as a school of textile arts northern Laos.

The story is told in the Video section of this website. 

You may be able to find similar apparel or fabrics in the markets of South East Asia at a lower price, but with any purchase from this site   you can take some pleasure in the knowledge that...

   All funds go back to the women who created the work

    and to help keep the Centre running. At the same time you are helping preserve skills and talents that are everywhere under threat.

    Apart from the direct sales of fabrics, such as throws, wall hangings, and some garments, that came from half-a-dozen fund-raising screenings of the documentary film ‘Women’s Business’ in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and several NSW towns, these are amongst the first to be prepared and offered for sale on the Web. 


    They are, if you like, part of several new ideas and new approaches and ideas as to how to earn an income for the Lao village women who produced what are in most cases, stunningly beautiful creations of embroidery and weaving. For example, all of the homeware, accessories, and garments have been designed and made at no extra cost by several Australian women artisans from northern NSW.

   What we are trying here is something of a combination of Asian textile skills and handicraft, with Western design and fashion know-how, that will hopefully appeal to Australian women with a sense of style and beauty.

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