A learning curve...just for a change!


We have decided that as this whole WOMEN’S BUSINESS deal is a wild learning curve for us…it should be the same for you! So…here comes a new way of letting you know what’s up…without choking up my email outbox. You’ve obviously dinged up and…BINGO! here we all are…singing from the same page! The wonders of technology.

But please do respond to me via our usual email…

During last week we picked up two more boxes of goodies posted down by the indefatigable Chanthy…containing more extraordinary embroideries and weavings created by the women. Here's a sample

These, along with much else… handbags, scarves, throws, and more will be on sale from the online store… and also at the

Canberra screening of the WOMEN’S BUSINESS documentary film on 8th July at 7.00 PM at the ANU Film Group Cinema, Kambri Precinct on ANU Campus.

Here’s a couple of maps to put aside for the night:

1: You can Google ANU Film Group to get this one:

and…. 2: A Parking map with plenty of space under the venue costs $5.00… But the show is FREE

There is now positive talk of a cadre of people from the Lao Embassy attending….and as well…textile experts from the National Gallery of Australia.

At our screening in the NSW Blue Mountains in February we met a very switched-on woman called Sondi…a silver-smith jeweller with a workshop in Leura where she creates very special pieces of wearable art, who bought a sinh… a Lao skirt.

She asked me if I minded that she planned to cut it up and create something new. To which I of course replied…Go for it.

And here is what she came up with…a very easy to wear and adaptable garment.

About which long-time pal Christina Sumner, formerly Principal Curator, Design and Society at the prestigious Powerhouse Museum in Sydney wrote…

‘…the mix of Eastern craft skills and western design skills is a very powerful one in the right hands. She’s cooked it!’

Sondi very graciously sent us the pattern she had made for her garment and Ally Rubenstein has created four more. We call them…Sondis…and they will also be for sale at the Canberra screening.

Which does remind me …I had better go and shake out my warmest winter woolies and underwear plus polish my boots ready for the 1000 kms trek south.


Thanks to your amazing generosity we are sending over A$7,500 up to Laos this week to start the rebuilding of the Koktum Village Kindergarten. That’s a fantastic start. We’ll keep you in formed with news and pictures as it devlops.

Stay well and keep up the smiles…trish

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