Happy June!...

These last four weeks have been eaten up with prep. for the fast approaching screening/show in Canberra of the Women's Business 7pm for a 7.30pm start...on Monday 8th July at the ANU's state of the art auditorium in the new precinct of Kambri.

This is not to be confused with the university of Canberra. Why do city Mothers and Fathers make things so testing for map illiterates like me? Anyway, check it out on Google under ANU Cultural Centre Cinema 153. Entrance is Free!

Ally Rubenstein has been stitching her nimble and imaginative fingers to the bone making oh-so-beautiful fully-lined clutch and shoulder bags from the women's individual embroideries. She has also used embroidery to add more than a touch of unique bespoke class to easy-to-wear denim jackets and as well made dramatic statement-sized cushion covers from individual weavings. And Sondis. What are Sondis? will just have to wait and see!

All of this... plus, plus...will be on sale on the night All the money we raise will go back to Laos,..50% to the women themselves and 50% to the Women's Business School of Arts to help keep it running.

To get the full picture you will have to look at our on-line shop.

Canberra is getting choice pickings. How come? I ask myself.

YOU can play your part in all of this by getting the word out to anyone you think would like to share in the joy!


This is Ms. Phengphone…looking pleased with what she has created…in the always low-key un-prideful Lao manner…at the end of the Women’s Business School of Arts Second Semester. The actual physical change that is so apparent in the students is perhaps the best indicator of the positive impact the School is having. Not possible to express in mere words. The women all appear to actually grow taller and to visually engage.

And this the whole WomBiz mob…with their Graduation Certificates…that have just been presented to them by Mr. Saeng, Head of the Department of Information, Tourism and Culture…and Chanthy (not sure who the other man is though its a good bet he’s a government official.) The Lao school year closes now for the three months Big Wet…but we have let the women know that we are more than happy for them to continue to use the facilities during this time.

This is Chanthy, arrowed, who sort of whizzed back down on the overnight bus to Vientiane to attend the first day of a 3 month Government run Tourism Study Course that will make him an official tour guide. This is yet another big step for him, living in the capital away from his wife and small son. Great to see that women slightly outnumber the men! Laos is gearing up, again in that low-key Lao manner!…for the impact of the big changes that will be wrought when the high-speed cross-country train starts up…perhaps even as soon as next year.

These are most of the 37! pupils from Kindy at Koktum that was destroyed by a wild wind.…with their carers. Principal Vietkham has told us that a builder who lives in the village has offered his skills for free and men from the village will assist him, also for free, to build a new schoolhouse if we can help by starting to provide building materials. So we want to send a big THANK YOU to those of you who have who responded so quickly and generously to their need with almost A$6,000 so far.

…and this shot, taken at sunset last evening in our local village on a track between the public campground and the Pacific ocean is a reminder to ourselves and to all Australians among you of how extraordinarily fortunate we are to live in a place of such beauty and opportunity.

Until next time…which will be soon!…we send smiles…..trish…and iain.

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