Oan and Banjo

Can you believe it !? Oan and Chanthy are having another baby! Everyone is delighted. Yesterday Oan had her first check-up and ultrasound at the hospital and was told she is 7 weeks and five days pregnant…timing that would bring Banjo a new baby sister or brother just as he turns two. No one shilly-shallies about in Laos…where life has to be grabbed by the scruff of the neck, hopefully before it has time to kick you. Despite suffering from morning sickness, as she also did while pregnant with Banjo, Oan assures us ‘I am fine.’ but then she is a stalwart lass and this is how she always responds when asked how she is feeling. At least this time she is moving into known territory, though based on her previous birthing experience, that may not be altogether a plus!

We will of course keep you posted as life, literally, develops.

Meanwhile Chanthy is also developing an additional new life! At the end of May he is starting an eleven week full-time five-days-a-week course run by the Laos Government studying in Vientiane to become a qualified Tour another string to his bow of initially English Language followed by Business Studies. ‘I’ll study hard,’ he has assured us…and we have no doubt he will…as he always has. He will travel back and forth to Luang Prabang, on the overnight bus, for the weekends during which he will also go down to the Women’s Business School of Arts to check on everything there. And of course he will always be contactable by everyone on his mobile phone!

Sending respect and loving thoughts to all Mothers, past, present and future.

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