G'day to you again…bringing ONLYl good news.

Here is Chanthy…graduating from his Lao Government Tourism Course in Luang Prabang last Friday….looking pretty spiffo and quite the man in his formal jacket…and feeling mighty chipper because he can now give up on the long inter-city weekend bus journeys…to and from Vientiane and Luang Prabang and back again.

He is pretty pleased with himself and how its all gone and the fact that he is now a legally certified Government Tour Guide. 

We have just spoken with him via WhatsApp. He  was about to begin the drive down from Luang Prabang to Muang Nan to check up on the WOMEN’S BUSINESS school …to sign up next semester’s students, to pay last semester’s students their end of course bonus and to make sure everything is spick and span, cleaned up after the flood, ready for the start of the new school year on September 2nd.

We are leaving Australia on the 30th August…so as to be there to welcome the new students…(I must remember to polish my sandals!)...and I just asked Chanthy to invite them all…as well as last semester’s students, whom we didn’t have a chance to meet, plus of course the teachers, to a celebratory luncheon on the Opening Day. We find we are very inspired and feeling ultra happy too! Bursting with plans and schemes.

Part of this is because we know we will also be getting together with Banjo too again!…here’s today’s pic. of him…two years old in November, when his sibling is due, so confident and full of life…Oan and Chanthy plan for him to start Kindergarten next week. Aaaah! I find I am smiling…and I hope all this makes YOU smile too!

With HUGS….trish

We will of course be back in touch with you all as all this and more continues to unfold. Are we not each one of us extremely fortunate to be happily involved with life in this way!

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