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Happy May Day to y’all…especially those who have taken the time to read our initial web-site pages, comment positively and to make suggestions about, among other things, spelling errors. Thank you.Iain has spent the three weeks since the last Blog working away at the On-Line Shop…it’s a challenging technological fast-learning curve. But, hey what is life without a challenge! We now have a set-apart space established as a very primitive go-to photography studio with an ‘infinity backdrop’ and a tangle of trip-you-up wiring. Our good mate and neighbour, Marty Rubenstein, has made us a display ladder with bamboo from his own property. You get the idea…

...............And here’s a sample of the on-line pages Iain is working on;

From such basic equipment Iain is testing out how best to show off the numerous pieces the students, under the guidance of their teachers, have created.He is also researching how to succinctly capture descriptions and as well find the best approaches to pricing, postage and packing. Each piece requires its own small story.I have questioned many of our friends in the world of material arts and as well done a lot of digging about on the Internet and have come to the happy realisation what we are attempting even has an official name!AUTHENTIC SLOW FASHION. It is heartening to discover a band, of mostly women, who are travelling this path in many regions of the world where indigenous talents are also under threat of being swallowed by rapid industrialisation and the far from easy demands of the changeover to a monetised society. Ally Rubenstein, who created the original display hangings for Merynguyen Saechou’s embroidered masterpieces, expresses it best when she says …‘Merynguyen’s talented work is a metaphor for what the world needs now’I leave you with this thought as we hurtle towards our national election. ....Trish

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