Previous Projects...

The Road To NaLin

    After two years raising funds, mainly in Australia, but also from friends in different parts of the world, we were able, in 2013, to build a decent road, into, through and out of the remote and poor village of NaLin in northern Laos.

Culvert Drains

Following the six-month-long rainy season of 2013 after the road into NaLin was built...and after more fund-raising during 2014, we built sixteen large culvert drains under a connecting road, over a distance of some ten kilometres. 

A School For Phoujong


A couple of documentary films and a book about The RoadTo NaLin helped raise funds to build a new school in Phoujong Village between February and April 2015. It was officially opened in September 2015.

  While installing the culverts, we became aware of the plight of an even poorer nearby village called Phoujong, inhabited by an ethnic minority group of people…the Yao Mien. In particular, the dilapidated wooden shack that served as a primary school cried out for something to be done. 

Pigs Will Fly...



...was Trish’s light-hearted e-mail in early 2016 appealing for funding for our plan to foster sustainable pig-farming for the neighbouring villages. It was a big success and, with support from experts in Australia and the Lao capital Vientiane, we began with a pilot program for seven enthusiastic famers in NaLin Village in late 2016-early 2017.

Buffaloes For NaLin

And then we set about trying a ‘loan’ plan with a couple of buffaloes. The fund bought two pregnant buffaloes and loaned them to two village farmers who cared for them for eleven months until their calves were born. The villagers keep the calves, but the two buffaloes (pregnant again) move on to two more villagers and the process is repeated, so within three years, six farming families will each have bufallo assetts they would not otherwise have had.

A Dormitory For Koktum

During the rest of 2017 we were focussed on a project aimed at providing a dormitory for students and teachers at a Middle School in the village of Koktum, not far from the NaLin and Phoujong villages. The dormitory, funded by generous donations from Australia, would

provide separate accommodation for 34  boys and 34 girls, as well as a dozen male and female teachers. It was completed in late 2017 and officially opened in April 2018.

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