Merynguyen's classic piece:

This single embroidered trouser leg is one of a pair to be worn on ceremonial occasions.

 Merynguyen Saechou is the Principal of WOMEN’S BUSINESS School of Textile Arts. She is an internationally significant textile artist of Yao Mien ethnicity whose work has already attracted the attention of collectors in Australia. 

43: Merynguyen's classic Embroidery

  • In this beautiful piece, embroidered, from the reverse side, with tiny stitches, the effect is of a raised, vibrant embossment. . The piece is lightly tacked onto a backing cloth and hangs from a hand-carved teakwood Naga spirit.

  • Shipping at the moment is only within Australia, although international orders can probably be considered on an individual basis.

    Shipping anywhere in Australia is via Australia Post (parcel rates):

    $8.20 up to 500gms, $11.00 up to 1 kg, $14.00 up to 3 kg.

    Delivery: 3 to 5 working days.

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