This video tells how the

                   Women's Business School of Textile Arts

came about. It is the story of a journey of exploration and discovery by two Australian women in northern Laos where they learn that the traditional village arts of weaving and embroidery are under threat...due in large part to the rapid movement of societies in general towards greater urbanization and the desire of parents to provide their children with better education... often at the expense of these traditional arts and skills. Their journies lead to the establishment of a School of Textile Arts dedicated to providing farming and other village women with a means of learning these important talents.

The video above is the latest in a series of short documentary films made of some of the various projects undertaken in Laos and described in the Previous Projects section of the 'ABOUT' page. Three of those videos can also be viewed here on Vimeo:

The Road to NaLin:

This is the first of several videos detailing various projects undertaken in northern Laos since 2013…a 39-minute documentary telling how funds were raised and a decent road built to a remote village, replacing what had been a shocking quagmire of a track.

Beyond NaLIn…

          The Road To Phoujong

The second documentary (24-Minutes) tells a follow-up story of the Road To NaLin including rare intimate footage  of a village festival... also the installation in 2014 of 16 culvert drains over 10 kilometers or so of a connecting track. During this process, contact with an even poorer village reveals the desperate need for a decent school to replace an existing run-down dirt-floored shack.

A School for Phoujong

This (48-minute) story begins with an outline of the sorry state of the existing school, its 35 students, aged from 6 to 12, with just one teacher struggling to give some sort of education to them all. With funds raised in Australia, a new, solid concrete Primary School is built for the village during 2015.

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